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Title 283 North Washington Street
Object Name House
Scope & Content The house was likely built between 1874 and 1877 because there is a major jump in price for the property when it is next sold. The auditor has it being built in 1901, but found out that the time listed there is when the last major renovations were done, and is not nessecarily the year the house was built.

1890-1892: McElroy, Anna M., Caroline M., Chas H., Francis H., and Kathleen D. all lived here. Anna was a dental student. Caroline is listed as a resident and so is Kathleen. Chas was a Judge at the Common Pleas Court. Francis was a student at OWU.
1893-1894: Thomas, Charles G., and Hallie lived here. Charles was a traveling agent; Hallie was a student at OWU.
1897-1899: Carver, John F., Miss Margaret, and Grace lived here. John had no job listed at first, but later beacame involved with real estate. Both Grace and Margaret were teahers that were boarding with Mr. Carver. They may have been his daughters who were over eighteen and needed to live at home. Children over eighteen that may not even be paying money for rent are still considered to be boarding.
1901: No repsonse, but not listed as vacant. This is the year the auditor has as the year built. It was likely the last time there was a major renovation, for that is what that year actually stands for.
1905-1906: Dodderer, A. M. and wife Sarah were the residents listed. A. was a travel agent. No full name is given for him.
1908-1909: Dimmick, Alice, Dimmick, Anna M., Dimmick, Grace are listed to have lived here. Alice and Emma were teachers, but there was no place given as to where they taught. Grace is listed as a student at OWU.
1915-1920: No one is recorded to have lied here, but it wasn't named vacant either
1922: Longworth, Oscar, and his wife Mae lived here for a year at least; can't be certain that is all they were here for becuase there is a jump in the records. Oscar was a merchant at the time, and Mae was a machinist.
1930: Meister, Karl P., and wife Jessie I. lived here. Karl was a Department Secretar at OWU. No specific department was listed. Again there is another jump in directories, so they ould have lived here longer than a year.
1937: Dondang, Walter, and Olga and Hillman, Floyd B. and Marguerite all lived here together. Walter was a salesman at Department Motor Sales. Maguerite supports herself and Floyd, but there is no job listed.
1950-1963: Rapp, W. Harry, his wife Marguerite, William H. I, William H. II all lived together through the period. W. Harry was listed to be an engineer at the State Highway Department in 1950, in 1953 he became a civil engineer there, and in 1960 was listed as a foreman at the State Highway Department. He died in late 1961 or 1962 because Marguerite is listed as a widow in 1962. Marguerite had no job listed until 1963. William H. I was a student and so was William H. II at OWU. In 1963 William H. I leaves home, and William H. II follows after him in 1964.
1964-1967: Rapp, Marguerite, and John H. lived here together. Marguerite was widow and took up teaching at the Boardman School in 1963. John was a student at OWU, but is not listed to be boarding.
1968: Bahan, Francis M. lived alone here. He is listed to be retired, and does not show up in the previous or following directory so there is no way to know what he did.
1969-1973: Arnold, Ronald E., and his wife Earleen M. lived here for four years. Ronald was an agency manager at Met Life Insurance until 1973 when he was listed as the district sales manager
1974-1977: Campbell, Roy L., and Phyllis resided here. Roy was a project coordinator at Rohr Flexible. Phyllis has no work.
1978-1979: Atkins, Joseph F., his wife Lorraine M. lived in the home for about two years. Joseph was an engineer at Grimman Flexible (I do not know if it was Rohr renamed or a rival company). Lorraine was a political advisor, but there was no place listed as to where she did this.
1980-1981: The house is listed as vacant.
1982-1986: Ubbes, William F. lived here all by himself as a retiree, but there is no job ever mentioned.
1987-1988: The home is listed a vacant again.
1989-1997: Charles, Chas E., and his wife Patricia A. lived here, and there are no children listed. Patricia never had a job and is not listed to be living her in 1997. Chas (whose name later shows to be Charles) was an employee at PPG, a year later he was promoted to be a watchman there, in 1991 he was listed as a whisman for the abbreviation. There is no full job list- at PPG, and in 1995 he retires from work.
2016-Now: The Lyon family lives here. Mr. Lyon is a firefighter and coaches the boys varsity lacrosse team at Hayes. Mrs. Lyon works with United Way. Their kids, Audra and Andrew, go to Delaware City Schools.
Catalog Number DCPC.2016.5